The weight just flew off

justinThe weight just flew off

The weight just flew off

Justin, age 32
114 pounds in 3 Sessions
I weighed 370 pounds and felt like crap. I would get winded walking up stairs, I had to hold my breath when I tied my shoes, and I would sweat profusely when I was just sitting around. I decided June 1st to do the diet and started my load on June 4th. I lost 50 pounds in my first 30 day session and another 20 pounds in the first three weeks of maintenance. I lost another 44 pounds in the second session in 33 days. I feel great! I was stretching out my 46 inch pants and now I’m getting into 38’s! I also wore a 4xl shirt and now I’m wearing a xl! I’m going to maintain through the holidays, and I’m going to start my third round in January!
Any Health Improvements you´ve experienced since you have chosen the CR500 System?

I was borderline diabetic and now my blood sugar levels are excellent! I was on two blood pressure medications, and now my doctor has taken me off one and has already cut the other one in half. He plans to keep scaling me off the last one over the next six months!

Would you recommend this program to others? What surprised you most?

I would totally and completely recommend this to everyone! I already have a couple of cousins doing the diet and my mom, seeing how much I lost, did the diet and lost 20 pounds! I still can’t believe that I lost over 100 pounds in 4 months!