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59.5 Inches.
Finding Me
Gina, California Occupation: Salon Owner, Operator Down 75 Pounds and 59.5 inches in 3 Sessions! FINDING ME! I have been over weight since I was five years old and honestly never thought I would have a handle on it in my lifetime. I was always a very active Mother, Grandmother, Wife and Career woman, but my horrible habit of not eating all day long had caused me to be over 123 pounds overweight! I cannot even believe it, (gasp) as I sit here and type that number. Last year I witnessed dozens of friends getting on the CR500 program and wanted to watch them, see how they felt during and after the program before I started to research it for myself. I could type forever about the paradigm shift that has happened for me mentally and physically. I tell people “You do not have to be stuck any longer” “This program will make you organized, in charge, and gain the ability to execute a plan to move forward with your lifestyle change”. I am now living a full healthy life and I am in charge of my body instead of it being in charge of me.

Any Health Improvements you´ve experienced since you have chosen the CR500 System?

The nutritional support I took while on the program made me feel like I did twenty years ago. I had no cravings for sugar or carbs and had tons of energy that was different than anything I had felt. It was not like having coffee, being shaky and nervous. It was smooth and focused and felt like I was very rested. It is hard to describe. I am off all prescription medications except one thyroid pill in the morning.

Would you recommend this program to others? What surprised you most?

I have told over 100 people about this program. Many are friends, clients and Family members. I have seen a friend’s triglycerides go from 720 to 140 in one month. One girlfriend is off diabetes and high blood pressure medications after one round.