Liver Kidney Support

Liver Kidney Support

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Detoxifying the body is extremely important especially while on the CR500 system. As the body burns, it will be releasing many toxins that are stored in the abnormal body fat. The liver and kidneys are the body’s filtration system. They work to rid the body of all the toxins as well as performing many other functions. The liver has over 600 functions that are crucial for the body to sustain itself. These organs can only function properly when they are kept clean and provided with certain nutrients. This product is highly recommended while on the CR500 Program and optimally for 30 days to complete the detoxification process.

Our life style today is bombarded with poor diets, processed foods, carbonated beverages, alcohol, tobacco, and environmental toxins and pollutions. The liver and kidneys are over loaded and stay under extreme pressure to keep the body working and disease free. When the liver and kidneys are not nutritionally supported or adequately cleansed, the body begins to store toxins in the tissues. These toxins can produce an entire new set of symptoms and problems including fatigue, headaches, insomnia, depression, poor digestion, allergies, and skin problems. If this lifestyle persist over time, the toxins build up and may even lead to serious illnesses such as cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and many other auto immune diseases.

Liver-Kidney Support cleanses and supports these organs naturally without the side effects often associated with other cleanses. The ability to do this together makes this supplement stand out to the individual looking for a safe and natural process in liver / kidney detoxification.

Other important uses that increase the need to cleanse the organs include: chronic medication use, high cholesterol, alcohol use, cirrhosis, hepatitis, drug use, constipation, acne and other skin disorders. So remember, when you don’t know what to do in supporting a healthy body, always “Clean the liver.”

Some of the key ingredients in Liver/Kidney that aid in cleansing the liver and kidney are Milk Thistle (seed), Dandelion (root), Fennel (seed), Barberry (root), Ginger (root) Zinc (as chelated amino acid) and the Enzyme blend, Protease I, Amylase, Protease II, Hemicellulase, Lactase, Peptidase, Cellulase, Maltase, Invertase, Lipase (all plant based enzymes).


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